Company History

Door Solutions – family owned and operated…

  • Door Solutions is a family owned and operated door pre-hanging business currently managed by husband and wife team Graeme Bertram and Wendy Watts.
  • The founder, Bruce Bertram, was the first in the Waikato to pre-hang doors. Bruce was an established builder in Hamilton when he began pre-hanging doors from his garage in the early 1980’s and went on to name the business Designer Doors Ltd.
  • Due to politics in the building industry at the time, supply of doors to new entrants was restricted consequently Bruce negotiated a labour only contract that continued until the door supply industry opened up in the 1990’s.
  • At this time Graeme entered the business with his father and they began providing a complete service in interior doors to make the job of builders, developers and owners organising labour only home building easier. Both Bruce and Graeme brought unique skills to the development of the company.
  • Bruce had extensive knowledge of the building industry and had an established reputation for building quality homes. His skills were formed under the “old School” where tradesman managed the project and built everything on site as opposed to the current pre-cut and subcontractor environment of the building industry today. Graeme had a background in engineering and brought a manufacturing and production line perspective to the company.
  • Door Solutions operates from their own premises in Te Rapa within a purpose built factory, showroom and offices.

Customer Service

Door Solutions superior workmanship………

  • Superior workmanship, materials and service delivery remains the highest priority for the company.
  • The name change to Door Solutions was a marketing decision by Graeme when he took over as Managing Director. His vision was to place more focus on service provision. He recognized that builders are under enormous time constraints and are often financially penalized when they do not meet deadlines.
  • By providing problem solving solutions, trouble shooting and working through options with their clients, builders and project managers are able to get on with the job of construction and management. Job measures can be available prior to manufacture, this reduces the error of incorrectly hung doors.
  • As a result customer loyalty is high and most new business comes from word of mouth. Supplier relationships are crucial in ensuring consistency in material quality and reliability of supply. This has a flow on effect to our customers therefore, material suppliers are carefully chosen for their superior quality and reliability, loyalty to them is strictly adhered to.
  • We will go that extra mile to provide a service that fills the void forced by an industry that is production focused rather than quality and service focused.


Door solutions superior production………….

  • Door Solutions employment criteria include work pride and quality awareness, we currently employ only experienced carpenters overseen by a Factory Supervisor.
  • Unlike the mainstream industry that staple frames for speed, Door Solutions screw their frames as this still provides the most structural stability. Mass produced door tolerances vary so we individually cut door frames to match each door thereby maintaining a consistent quality as opposed to pre-cutting all frames independent of the door.
  • Delivery of doors by trained staff is essential in ensuring that doors arrive to site on time and in good order.

Ph: 64 7 849 4209         Fax: 64 7 849 4218         Mobile: 021 336 369
61 Sunshine Ave, P.O.Box 10049, Te Rapa, Hamilton