Order Form

order_image1Ordering doors is very straight forward. Please read this page and then you can either complete our online order form, or if you wish you can CLICK HERE to download a PDF version of our order form.

1. Hanging Instructions

Is it a left or right hand hung door

2. Cavity Slider Trim Sizes
Please provide physical door height and width in comments column and state whether single or double cavity slider.

Single cavity slider trim width = 2 x door width + 30mm.
Double cavity slider trim width = 4 x door width + 10mm
All cavity slider height trims = door height + 90mm

3. Bifolds
Single = 2 x leaves : V

Double = 4 x leaves : VV
Please provide trim height and trim width in the height and width columns.

State whether single or double bifold in the comments column and we will calculate the closest door module to suit your trim.

Note: Anything not allowed for in our instructions - please contact us directly.

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